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Your Pharma or Devices Supply Chain will reach higher performance levels, while remaining 100% Compliant

CTD Pharma is a small structure that can bring a lot of positive energy and inspiration to your Regulated Supply Chain (Pharmaceuticals, Medical Devices).
Contact us ! With an experience of more than 25years in improving and building performing Supply Systems for the Pharma Industry, we will help you unleash untapped potential of performance in areas that are key to you,

We are here to listen to you, and find with you the solutions that will suit you best while always complying with all  requirements of the Pharmaceuticals industry.  

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Services that matter to your Regulated Supply Chain
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Robust Performance, every day

Excellence in daily operational performance of your supply chain


Steady Value-Add, every day

Every day value-add in the relationship with your key partners over the long-term : your contract manufacturers, your customers, your manufacturing sites


Fit Organisations and Systems, every day

The constant adaptation of your products, processes, information systems, and the teams that run the business with you, in order to meet the news regulations and needs of the markets you serve

Welcome at CTD Pharma !: Services

Need to talk more? Connect with us!

We are located close to Basel, Switzerland, one of the "centers of the world" of Pharma. Fell free to drop us an email, or fill in the form here : we'll get in touch quickly! (address below)

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Merci pour votre envoi !

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